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DMX H Class RFID-UHF Printer

DMX H Class RFID-UHF Printer

Datamax offers two different printers that support the UHF band; the A-Class print engine for printer applicator integration, and the new H-Class. These printers are ideal for achieving compliance with mandates from large retailers and purchasing organizations, as well as economical enough for those users developing closed loop applications to streamline internal processes. These RFID-UHF printers support EPCglobal and ISO standards for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) applications including Gen2. The robust multi-protocol RFID tag encoder in these printers is capable of performing multiple procedures, including writing data to RFID tags, querying the tags unique identification number, and auto calibration of the tag to ensure no valuable RFID smart labels are wasted. The RFID printer option must be specified at the time of printer order.

The Datamax H-class family of printers takes printing into the next era of comprehensive thermal and RFID label printing. The new Datamax H-Class heavy-duty printer provides a state of the art modular design offering the most flexible and accurate print quality in the industry today. Designed with the new Datamax IntelliSEAQ technology, the H-Class makes available the most advanced diagnostics using a sophisticated approach in maximizing the life of the print head while clearly reducing total cost of ownership.

In keeping with Datamax high standards, the new H-class series incorporates a patented precision crafted design that is unmatched. This heavy-duty die cast aluminum frame assures reliable performance with high quality results. The H-class printers are designed for the most rugged environments supporting applications in such places as manufacturing, shipping and warehousing, but sophisticated enough to support high-resolution graphics and text on small labels.

The H-class printer has an integrated design to completely support current and future RFID requirements. Whatever the application might be, this printer goes beyond simple printing and will perform to any mission critical operation.

  • The new 240 x 320 graphical LCD display is the largest display available, giving users optimum viewing of both the standard and advanced menu selections.
  • Powered with one of the industries fastest processors, this high-speed 32 bit/200 MHz multi-tasking processor increases data through put and processing at amazing speeds making label printing one of the fastest in the industries.
  • The new heavy-duty 8" internal rewind is a direct powered rewinder offering one of the most powerful methods of rewinding a complete 8" roll of backing and labels.

Mechanical Features:

  • Direct-Thermal printing
  • Easy loading
  • Media Tear Bar
  • Three-inch Media Hub
  • Fan-fold media handling (bottom and rear)
  • Die Cast Media Supply Hub
  • RFID Upgradeable

Electrical Features:

  • IntelliSEAQ Printhead
  • 8 FLASH Memory (MB)
  • 16 DRAM Memory (MB)
  • Serial RS-232/422 Interface
  • IEEE 1284 Compliant Parallel Interface
  • USB (device) Interface, Version 2.0
  • USB Host Ports (2) (internal remote)
  • SDIO Interface (internal remote)
  • Ethernet LAN
  • Graphics Display with back light (240X320)

Software Features:

  • On-demand and batch mode printing
  • EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) LCD languages
  • Scalable font engine with two font typefaces.
  • Time and Date battery back up
  • Host Computer accessible RAM and Flash memory for object temporary storage
  • Fault handling with reprint or void selection
  • Internal test labels for printhead verification, and print quality validation
  • Internal Configuration Label
  • Text, bar code, graphic, and image printing capabilities
  • Factory default configuration restorable
  • Resident multiple setup store and restore capability
  • Time stamp at print capability
  • Label retract control after print
  • Ribbon low detection and warning
  • Power-up diagnostics
  • Resident option hardware diagnostics
  • Diagnostic display and modes
  • Media counters
  • Front panel security
  • Input line mode (ASCII text input) capability
  • Option hardware auto detection
  • Scalable font, dynamic font attributes, bold and italics
  • Downloadable firmware upgrades

Datamax a Solution Provider Subscriber to EPCglobal has taken the concept of RFID and smart labels and made it so user friendly, so dynamic and so robust that a revolution has been created in the smart label printing industry! The Datamax Engineering Team used their long history of innovation in printer design and channeled this experience toward designing a new smart label printer. This printer can encode data onto Radio Frequency (RF) chips embedded into a label also known as a smart label creating a powerful Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) label printer that is as easy for users to own and operate as other Datamax printers. The astonishing result of this activity is a collection of printers designed to ease users into RFID label printing applications while minimizing risk.

DMX H Class Printer DMX H Class Printer