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Datalogic QuickScan Mobile

Datalogic QuickScan Mobile

Datalogic Scanning is pleased to announce the release of our new QuickScan Mobile reader, a small and light-weight linear imager product equipped with the Datalogic Scanning STAR radio (433/910MHz), the markets most secure and reliable cordless communication system.

The QuickScan Mobile reader combines outstanding performance and an affordable price to provide a breakthrough product in the AIDC industry by offering the best return on investment solution in its class for retail and commercial applications. This new solution provides a cost effective alternative to traditional corded scanner solutions making cordless scanning an option for an expanded number of customers.

The superior range of Datalogic Scanning's STAR radio allows the QuickScan Mobile reader to be used for standard checkout activities as well as for price checking or inventory operations. The same scanner can be used for front-end and back-store applications.

The QuickScan Mobile reader includes an auto-sensing base station/stand providing hands-free scanning with the added benefit of charging the battery while using the hand-held reader as a presentation scanner.

Superior STAR Radio Features:

The QuickScan Mobile reader is equipped with Datalogic Scanning's cordless STAR 433/910 MHz narrow band radio. The STAR radio system is fast, easy to use, noise free, with low susceptibility to obstacles and guaranteed Wi-Fi interference free. With the QuickScan Mobile readers 12 meter / 40 foot radio range capability, operators can benefit from maximum mobility eliminating the limitations of a cabled scanner. Cordless scanning provides a safer and more efficient work environment and at the same time increases efficiency and productivity. For out of range reading, the product is equipped with approximately 1K for data storage and subsequent transmission using the Datalogic patented batch mode capability.

Smart Base Station:

The QuickScan Mobile reader includes an "intelligent" base station featuring:

  • Automatic code detecting, turning on illumination only when a bar code is presented to the scanner
  • Automatic switching to hands-free mode when placed into the cradle
  • Auto sensing of bar codes when placed in the stand/holder

Datalogic Quality and Reliability:

The QuickScan Mobile reader, as well as all Datalogic Scanning products, has undergone a variety of tests to assure that it will withstand daily use in typical environments. The result is a reliable and durable product that eliminates the nuisance of cables and offers drop resistance up to 1.5 meters / 5 feet and a 3 year warranty to minimize the cost of ownership.

Reading Capabilities:

The QuickScan Mobile reader is based on the instinctive reading concept with a scanning range that is matched to typical operator usage. Combined with a scanning rate of 235 scans per second, the QuickScan Mobile reader guarantees smart and fast checkout activities. Moreover the Puzzle Solver technology, a patented Datalogic Scanning algorithm, further improves the QuickScan Mobile readers reading performance in reading damaged or poorly printed codes. The QuickScan Mobile reader supports the decoding of all standard linear bar code symbologies including GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS), offering new business opportunities for retail applications by providing a greater amount of data on a smaller label.

Ease of Installation, Configuration and Use:

The QuickScan Mobile reader is provided as a kit which includes the cradle. The reader can easily and securely be linked to the cradle for communications. The Datalogic Aladdin software allows for easy configuration of the reading parameters. It can be freely downloaded from the Datalogic Scanning website and allows the complete, visual, intuitive control of all device options. The QuickScan Mobile reader is featured with a built-in multi-interface including RS-232, Wedge, USB and Wand Emulation and is compatible with the existing Datalogic Scanning handheld scanner cables.