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Autolabe 280 Heavy Duty

280 Heavy Duty Label Dispenser

These dispensers advance individual or multiple-row labels and remove them from their lining similar to a manual dispenser, but instead of manually pulling on the liner, label advancement occurs when a trigger on the dispenser detects the absence of a label, such as when the operator removes the label. The sensor then closes the circuit and engages the motor, dispensing the next label until the sensor once again detects the label which opens the circuit.


  • Dimensions: Width - 13 1/2"(34cm) Length - 24"(61cm) Height - 23"(58cm)
  • Weight: 23 lbs/10kg (approx.)
  • Electric: 115VAC/60Hz/1 AMPS (max.) or 220VAC/50Hz
  • Air: n/a
  • Labels: Standard 5" web width 10" O.D. roll with 3" core
  • Die cut with 1/8" spacing


  • Increase manual labeling speed
  • Standard web width up to 5"
  • Designed for pin fed, fan fold or roll stock die cut labels
  • Quick to set up, easy to web
  • Can be used with Hot Stamp Imprinter


  • Wide Label Web Width Kits
  • Model 310 Hot Stamp Imprinter
  • Spare Parts Kit