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CTM Front and Back Labler

Front and Back Labeling System

The CTM Front and Back Labeling System is a fully automatic, high quality, competitively priced labeling system designed around the customer’s exact labeling need. The unit is an open frame design that can accommodate any of CTM’s fine line of advanced 360a “touch screen” applicators or 3600PA print and apply units for merge, air blow and tamp blow label attachments.The short pitch, high performance acetal chain allows low friction and dry running on the hard anodized, Teflon impregnated extruded aluminum sideframes. Continuous t-slots provide easy component mounting and adjustability, and all labeler mountings include ball bushing traverse slides as standard. The top holddown belt is servo motor driven to precisely follow the conveyor velocity throughout it’s full range up to 90 ft. per minute as standard, and to 120 ft. per minute optional.  Feedscrew, belt aligner and meter wheel spacing and orienting devices develop the demanding accuracies required by challenging applications. A wrap belt assembly can be included for wrap around applications when required on the same process.

Specifications·System Dimensions·Environmental·Conveyor Variation·Standard Features·Optional Features



440V optional


10-20 amps


50/60 Hz



Approx. Weight

1200 lbs

System Dimensions

Approx. Height

75 in

Approx. Width

96 in

Approx. Length

144 in


Environmental (Operating)

(5ºC to 40ºC)
40ºF to 105ºF

Environmental (Storage)

(-20ºC to 40ºC)
-4ºF to 105ºF

Conveyor Variation

Conveyor Length Variation

6 ft to 12 ft

Conveyor Width Variation

2.3 in to 12 in

Standard Features
  • Nema 4 main enclosure
  • OSHA Lock-out
  • Slanted consolette operator station
  • Heavy duty welded tubular steel main frame
  • “Steel-It” paint
  • Heavy duty motor and gearbox
  • GE Fanuc and/or Allen-Bradley controls

Optional Features
  • Stainless steel frame, HMI operator touch screen
  • Encoder speed following for labelers, Stack light(s)
  • Label on product scanning and eject
  • Pneumatic - required with certain features (Consult manufacturer for other options)