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Custom Digital Labels

Custom Digital Labels

Advanced Labeling & Marking offers a wide range of capabilities for your label printing needs.

We can meet the specific demands of your business whether it requires special colors, security features, clear or metallic substrates, image changes, numbering, or even personalization.

It used to be said that from speed, quality and low cost, you could choose any two. With Advanced Labeling & Marking you get all three- and even more!


  • Profitable short to medium runs
  • Fast turn-around
  • Offset quality
  • Virtually limitless substrates
  • Compatible substrate materials include self adhesive papers, synthetic (PE, PET, OPP, teslin, vinyl, PVC) and specialized substrates including metalized PET.
  • Corporate color capability
  • Seven colors, including special corporate or spot colors

Cost Savings are Made by Eliminating:

  • Film
  • Platemaking
  • Chemistry
  • Cleaning
  • Start-up waste of expensive substrates

The power of digital printing becomes even more apparent when harnessed to databases to produce variable data printing. Being able to change text and images on the fly is one of the most powerful uses of print available today.

The production of labels with variations in text or images is called versioning and, as a marketing tool, its clever application never ceases to impress.

You may want to send personalized water bottles to your clients with their names and a special note that is adressed specifically to that client.

We can also use the variable data facility for printing bar codes. On each label, a subsequent code.

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