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Custom Flexo Labels

Custom Flexo Labels

Advanced Labeling & Marking offers a wide range of capabilities for your label printing needs.

We can meet the specific demands of your business whether it requires special colors, security features, clear or metallic substrates, image changes, numbering, or even personalization.

It used to be said that from speed, quality and low cost, you could choose any two. With Advanced Labeling & Marking you get all three - and even more!

Custom Label Capabilities Printing/Converting:

  • Minimum lead time is 2 weeks after approval
  • Multi-color flexographic printing to 20 wide
  • Converting up to 20 wide
  • Label lengths to 24
  • Up to 6 colors
  • Reverse (back side) printing
  • Fully integrated artwork center including plate creation
  • Laminating (front & back side)
  • Face Slits
  • Back Slits
  • Relam/Delam
  • Perforations
  • Pinfeed
  • Air-Eject
  • Over 6,000 dies in house
  • Multiple press widths for efficient production of all size jobs
  • UV ink available


  • Rolls Multiple O.D. and I.D. configurations
  • Fan-folded
  • Sheeted

Art Requirements:

Provide a Printout

Whenever possible, supply a printed copy of your digital artwork, preferably in color. Often differences in font libraries cause subtle changes to the art. A hard copy reference is the best way to assure that we print exactly what you sent.

Supply Complete Information

Specify file types, font faces, software used and version. We are able to accept many different file types from the major graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand.

Font Issues

We maintain an ever-growing font library, however , all fonts used in the artwork should be included in the file (Both the font suitcase and the postscript outline file). In many cases art creators will change live fonts to line artwork and thus eliminate the need to supply fonts at all. In most cases this is acceptable, but if text based changes are needed a completely new file will need to be sent.

Placed & Imported Graphics

Be sure to include all placed, imported and referenced graphics in your file. The original HIGH RESOLUTION EPS files are preferred. File types that are not desirable and do not reproduce to print well are .jpg, .bmp & .gif (to name the most common). Be sure that all scanned images have been cleaned up and will print sharp and solid. For 4-color process printing all images should be placed at 100% and at a resolution of no less than 250-300 ppi (pixels per inch).

Be Dimensionally Accurate

Make sure the art is created to the correct size for your printed piece. This includes the overall size, corner radius, placement of interior cuts and perforations.

Cut Margins

Copy, logos, text and other elements should remain at least 3/32 from any cutting and perforating edge if possible. This allows for variations in the cutting process without affecting your printed item.

Bleed and Borders

Bleed borders should be at least 1/16 in size. Borders that are thinner will look off-center if any slight variation during the cutting operation occurs. Bleed for backgrounds and other items should go at least 1/16 past the finished edge.

Fine Copy and Lines

Fonts that are 6 point or larger normally reproduce without difficulty. Below 6 point size reproducibility will vary depending on font style and weight. Reversed type should be no smaller than a 6 point bold style. Line weights should be a minimum of .25 points and reversed lines should be .25 points or greater.

Do Not Trap

Do not trap or overprint colors in your artwork. These items will be adjusted prior to printing and will be customized to best suit our printing methods.

Sending Files

Files can be sent on standard media types; zip, floppy, cd, dvd and jaz. If you have high-speed internet access we have the availability to receive your file electronically. When packaging your digital files for submission it is sometimes helpful to compress them. Standard formats are .hqx, .sit and .bin on the Macintosh and .zip on a Windows PC.

Original, Non-Digital Artwork

Out prepress department is completely digital, however from time to time it is necessary to send in ad-slick type art for scanning. This art should be clean and sharp and, ideally, at a minimum of 200% size. Printed samples and items similar in nature are often problematic, but we'd be happy to evaluate your art and advise you in the best course of action. It is best to have art that is intended for scanning evaluated well in advance to assure reproducibility.

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