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Evolution II

Evolution II

EVOLUTION II is a full featured high resolution ink jet printer utilizing Hewlett Packard ink jet technology.  It will look identical to the EVOLUTION I, but will feature a WYSIWYG back lighted LCD on the controller. A complete software package including message storage, time, date and sequential numbering and more will be standard on the system.

Bar coding capabilities will also be built into the system.  The user will access a drop down menu; select the bar code symbiology desired and then enter the bar code number with the keypad.  EVOLUTION II will support a wide variety of barcodes including sequential and 2D codes.

Character ink jet printer that utilizes Hewlett Packard ink jet technology.  The ink used in this system has been formulated for use on non-porous substrates including coated chipboard cartons, metals, most plastics and a variety of overwrap films.  A porous ink formulation is also available for absorbent substrates.

It features a complete software package with message storage, date, time and sequential numbering.  Character heights range from a single line of 1/8" high to two line of print just under 1/16" in height per line.  The hand held controller has a WYSIWYG back lighted LCD with tactile keypad for message entry.  Plus, the controller is also compatible with our EVOLUTION I and EVOLUTION II high resolution ink jet printers.