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Evolution III

Evolution III

EVOLUTION III takes High Resolution Ink Jet Printing to the next level. It features a 7 inch full color touch screen controller combined with a complete software package and the ability to print up to one inch high alpha/numeric characters as well as barcodes and graphics up to two inches in height. It includes a variety of font styles and sizes which can be used in a total print area of 2 inches high by 24 inches in length.

A Complete System

EVOLUTION III is complete and ready to install right out of the box. The system includes a full color touch screen controller with stylus for message entry, one printhead module with internal product sensor, power supply for up to four printheads, and the mounting bracketry.

Thermal Inkjet Technology by Hewlett Packard

Designed by Digital Design, the EVOLUTION III is powered with thermal ink jet technology (TIJ) by Hewlett Packard. This combination gives you the benefits of an affordable, compact, and efficient design coupled with the reliability of printhead technology by Hewlett Packard.

Optimum Print Resolution

EVOLUTION III delivers bold, highly legible and fully formed characters in a print resolution of 300 dpi at production line speed of up to 200 feet per minute.

Customized Print Area

Stitching four of the EVOLUTION III printheads gives you a total print area of 2" high by 24" long. Text, graphics and barcodes can be printed in any combination of font styles and character heights that are resident in the Evolution III controller. Positioning of the text or graphics is easily accomplished by touching the screen with the stylus and creating either a text box or graphics area.

Ink Supply

Built into the cartridge is a 42 cc ink supply. Once the ink in the cartridge is depleted, it can be taken out, disposed of and a new ink cartridge inserted in just minutes.

Add-On Printheads

The EVOLUTION III is capable of controlling up to 8 printheads, with 4 on each side of the production line. The 4 printheads on the opposite of the line can only print the same message as those on the primary side. Each side of the production line will require a power supply and mounting bracket. One printhead module, mounting bracket and one power supply is included with the initial printer. Adding another printhead is as simple as sliding it on. You can attach up to three additional printheads on a single bracket by inserting the dovetail slide on one into the dovetail slot on the other. Once the printheads are attached to one another, the optional printhead alignment tool can be used to align the printheads for stitching applications. A small RS 485 data cable is then used to connect the modules. This allows the touch screen controller to network all of the printheads on the production line.

Font Styles Character Heights and Graphics

EVOLUTION III is supplied with four built in font styles. Optional alternative fonts are available and can be downloaded into the controller through flash card media. Logos are another option, and up to 6 can be stored in the controller. Logos can be printed up to 2" in height. There are 12 built in barcode symbologies included and can be printed up to 2" high, The barcode software in the controller allows you to set the quiet zone, bar width, interbar spacing, human readable information and more. Up to 3 different barcodes can be printed within the same message.

Complete Standard System Includes

A 7 inch full color touch screen controller with stylus for message entry. One high resolution printhead module with power supply, Internal product sensor and complete mounting bracket for side coding applications.

Standard Operating Features

  • Alpha/Numeric character set plus special characters
  • Ability to control up to 8 printheads (4 on each side of production line)
  • Bracketry capable of mounting up to 4 printheads
  • Print Resolution: 300dpi at 200 feet (61m) per minute
  • Font Styles: Arial, Swiss, Tahoma and Outline
  • Character Heights: 3/32" (2.4mm), 1/8" (3.2mm)
  • 7/32" (5.5mm), 1/2" (12.7mm)
  • 5/8" (15.9mm), 1" (25.4mm)
  • Message Area: 2" (50.8mm) high X 24" (609.6mm) long
  • Message Storage: Up to 325 messages in Controller
  • Message Backup via Data Flash Card
  • Multiple font styles and character heights in message
  • Programmable line speed
  • Programmable print direction
  • Programmable print delay
  • Inter-character spacing
  • Inverted printing
  • Automatic message repeat
  • Password protection
  • Variable time formats
  • Variable date formats
  • Sequential numbering
  • Shift coding
  • Date offset
  • Product counter
  • Flash Card read/write ability in Controller for Message Backup,
  • System Upgrades, downloads of optional fonts, logos and barcodes
  • One Serial RS 485 port and one Serial RS232 port, for communications to support OEM"s and System Integrators
  • USB Port
  • Multiple language prompts: English, Spanish

Ink Supply

  • Cartridge volume: 42ml
  • Porous Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, UV Visible
  • Semi-Porous Colors: Black, Blue, Red
  • Low ink monitoring

Power Required

110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 0.5A


  • 50F - 104F (10C - 40C)
  • Up to 80% RH non-condensing

Production Speed

Up to 200 feet (61m) per minute @ 300dpi

Physical Dimensions

  • Controller: 7.250" wide x 4.625" high x 1.312" deep
  • Printhead module: 2" wide x 4" deep x 3" high

Standard Barcodes Included

  • I 2 of 5 Code 39
  • 128 B 128 C
  • EAN 8 EAN 13
  • GS 1B GS 1C
  • ITF 14 2D Data Matrix

Hardware Options

  • Add-on High Resolution printhead modules
  • Mounting Bracket for opposite side of production line
  • Power Supply for opposite side of production line
  • Spring loaded carton follower (for up to 2 printheads in a non-stitching mode)
  • Top coding bracketry
  • Floor stand (for up to 2 printheads in a non-stitching mode)
  • External product sensor
  • External encoder
  • External low ink beacon
  • Ethernet Communication for linking to a host computer
  • 8MB Data Flash Card for Logos and Message Storage
  • Backup

Software Options

  • Alternative fonts: Downloadable via custom programmed
  • flash card media
  • Logos: Ability to load up to 6 logos into the message
  • Downloadable via flash card media
  • Logos must be made to specific height required
  • Barcodes: Additional barcodes can be supplied as options
  • Evolution III Logo Download package to transfer logos, froma PC to the controller or to a Data Flash Card
  • EVOLUTION-NET software for PC control of network (not yet available)