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I.V. 700 Single-Head Printer

I.V. 700 Single-Head Printer

I.V./700 Single-Head Printer

The IJ/3000, with its patented I.V. printhead technology, prints 1/4" to 2" tall alphanumerics at speeds up to 650 fpm on almost any substrate, and offers manysmart features: color touch screen graphical user interface, patented I.V.high-speed Ethernet connectivity, 24/7 diagnostics and ink monitoring, 200-message memory, and control options for up to 16 printheads per controller.

The logical upgrade from contact coding to simple automated case and product coding. The I.V./700 printer offers consistent, quality printing of single-line codes at a very economical price.

  • Prints alphanumerics on porous or non-porous surfaces at line speeds from five to 250 fpm.
  • Three font choices: 5-dot (3/8"), 7-dot (1/2") and 7-dot bold. Print multiple fonts on the same line.
  • Easy-to-use controller offers convenient features including sealed-membrane QWERTY keypad with separate number keys, "low ink" alarm, message storage capability of ninety-nine 50-character messages, and many LEDs, tool bars and auto codes.
  • Dual-axis 180° rotation and flexible mounting of printhead permits printing on the side and top of cartons as well as on inclined conveyors.
  • Environmentally friendly, SARA-compliant, water-based ink formula for porous surfaces. Solvent-based formula for non-porous surfaces. Supplied in pressurized 13.5 oz. canisters. Six high-visibility colors and conditioner. Optional 5-gallon bulk ink supply.

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