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Linx 8900

The lineup of Linx 8900 Series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers offers manufacturers one of the smartest yet easiest to operate inkjet coding systems on the market today. Designed for minimal interventions and maximum reliability, Linx 8900 Series users enjoy up to 18,000 hours between self-service preventive maintenance intervals, up to 100 starts and stops between printhead cleanings and eight-hour advance fluid refill warnings.

With up to 5 lines of alphanumeric text, barcode printing capabilities and print speeds up to 1,230 feet per minute, Linx 8900 Series printers provide a flexible coding option for both primary and secondary packaging.
  • Flexible coder with 3-line coding and barcode printing capability
  • Large, color touch-screen for quick and simple code setup
  • Simple self-service with up to 18 months between services
  • Quick-change fluid cartridges
  • IP55-rated stainless steel enclosure
  • Real-time output measurement and line stoppage logs – maximize your line efficiencies