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Thermal Printers

Sato Printer Range

Sato Thermal Transfer Printer Line

Industry leading manufacturer of thermal transfer printers that take on every application.  Designed with Tag stock in mind to feed and sense the punch holes for registration.   

Desktop - Low Volume - 4" Wide - WS4
This model comes in 203 and 300 dpi and is designed for thinner materials like paper label stock, ZX pot stakes, and certain slip-on tags.

Industrial - High Volume - 4" Wide - CL4NX
Available in 203 dpi, 305 dpi, as stock items in Miami and 609 dpi as special order.  ALM has sold this model line of printers since its introduction in 2014 and it has proven to be extremely durable and reliable.

Industrial - High Volume - 6" Wide - CL6NX
Wider then the CL4NX but with all of the same features and performance for wider tags which is available in 203 dpi and 305 dpi.

Specialized - High Volume - 6" Wide Print / 10" Wide Tags - TXPEX6
When you need the widest slip on tags and great 305 dpi, this is the answer.